Mermaids Monokini


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Monokini One-piece Swimsuit 

  1. Even tan without tan lines.
  2. Protection against the negative UVA effects of the sunlight. 
  3. Preservation of the skin: photo-aging prevention. 
  4. Breathable fabric - dries up in minutes. 
  5. Longevity: our swimwear does not fade or lose color. 
  6. Environment-friendly. 
  7. Individually handcrafted.

Allow yourself to enjoy the sun and the sea fully in an incredibly stylish and practical swimsuit!
An effortless strapless style for a free look and feel, these Monokini One-piece Swimsuits are light and comfortable. And its almost instantly dries up!

Our Philosophy - responsible attitude towards the planet Earth and the well-being of human health.

Serves the purpose for both hygiene and comfort: considerably less time spent in a wet swimsuit, no need to change clothes to stay dry.

Chemicals like oxybenzone and octyl methoxycinnamate found in these creams contribute to the extinction of corals in the resort areas and around.